Cold Antler Farm Note Cards

Snow Mustache, 2015
Snow Mustache, 2015

Some of you know that I have been photographing this amazing young woman that owns Cold Antler Farm in upstate NY, near the Vermont border. She’s the definition of moxie. Like many artists (she’s also a writer) Jenna Woginrich is making a go of it, doing what she loves. Which is why we came up with the notecard idea.

The set of 8 cards are printed on archival paper, and are signed on the back by Jenna and myself. The images show the sassiness of some of her animals and the serenity of the home she has made at Cold Antler Farm. Those of you that have read her books or follow her blog will instantly recognize Merlin looking like a hairy mammoth with a snow-mustache, Ida giving attitude, or Sal with his Einstein-hairdo.

Snag your set of cards  while they last, and mail them to someone that deserves something a lot more special than a mass-produced hallmark card, gift the set (’tis the season!), horde them for yourself or frame them!

And if you want to learn more about Jenna, the geekiest down-to-earth techie-homesteader I know…check out her books and her blog. You can also follow her on Facebook, TwitterYouTube and read her articles in the Huffington Post or The Guardian.