Beekman Street Arts Fair 2017

Sunday, June 11, is the Beekman Street Arts Fair in Saratoga (NY) and I’m really excited to be there again, sharing some brand new artwork.

Here are a few finished photo transfers of my work at Cold Antler Farm (on wood)

I’ve been experimenting with photo transfers on wood thanks to an upcoming public art project for LARAC (nothing like the incentive of a deadline to get you moving), and am having so much fun with it, i decided to just keep going.

…and a few photos from the Women’s March in Washington DC (fittingly, transferred onto boards broken at our Tae Kwon Do tests)

If you happen to be Upstate NY on Sunday, come one by (10am-5pm)! I could hug the organizers for putting me in between my two favorite food/libation places in town: Kraverie and The Local – I’m a lucky gal!

There are over 50 artists with vendor booths (be sure to check out Grace Gunning‘s boxes and fellow photographer Greg Cuda); awesome food, music and great camaraderie. See you there!